In partnership with Harmony Project, a custom blend candle has been made. Every candle purchased 50% of sales will go to Harmony project to further their mission. 

Harmony Projects mission is to build a more inclusive society by breaking down social barriers, bridging community divides, and empowering the voices of the people through arts, education and volunteerism. To learn more about Harmony Project please visit www.harmonyproject.com 



Crisp citrus notes of blood orange, grapefruit and lemongrass with a hint of floral and the warmth of cedarwood leave you rejuvenated.

Scent Profile

  • Top Notes: Blood Orange, Lemon
  • Middle notes: Herbs, White Floral, Warm Woody, Lemongrass
  • Bottom notes: Moss, Musk, Oak, Terpenes 


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