My Passion is to Help People

December 01, 2016

This blog post is a story – my story. The story of messy, beautiful redemption. It’s raw and painful and real, and I’m putting it down in black and white, the scarlet thread of redemption Christ has woven throughout my entire life.

We all have that scarlet thread. My desire is to help others find theirs; to help you find yours.

My thread started in the womb, with my birth into oppression. It wove its way through a childhood of abuse and shame. It thread its way in and out and around chaos and confusion and my bad life choices. It showed up in my malformed identities and drew me to a broken, tired cry of a God who wooed me endlessly.

My thread followed me as I ran from my brokenness into a broken world and into the broken arms of another. It found me outside of my control, completely devoured by the enemy. And, it called me into His story for me, the one He made me for. My God of Redemption took me and showed me I am not who I thought I was. And that’s where my scarlet thread became the blood of my Redeemer, binding me to Him forever. I couldn’t escape Him. He flipped my world upside-down until I saw Him; His strength, His unfailing love, His relentless pursuit.

And He is coming after you.

My passion is to help people discover the scarlet thread in their stories by telling my own. Here, I write what I’ve learned about brokenness and God’s grace. I share what I’ve found in my travels and during my years as a hospice nurse. I want people to know about the peace and power of weakness.

I love old people and kids of any size, age, or color. I love traveling and reading other people’s stories. I find beauty in fall colors and sunflowers and coffee that’s just the right shade. I am passionate about the least of these, about healing, and about watching God make whole what was broken.