Eleventh Candle to accelerate mission across Midwest to empower human trafficked victims

September 21, 2018

Eleventh Candle to accelerate mission across Midwest to empower human trafficked victims
Social enterprise to benefit from funding, production space and synergistic opportunities with coworking lifestyle company.

WORTHINGTON, OHIO, September 6, 2018 –– Eleventh Candle Co., a social enterprise dedicated to empowering at risk individuals, is aligning itself with COhatch to accelerate its mission across the Midwest to restore, empower and employ those vulnerable to human trafficking, exploitation and addiction through the global sale of its scented candle collection.

COhatch will provide funding, production space and synergistic opportunities to the candle making company. In addition, Eleventh CEO and Founder Amber Runyon will take on a larger role within COhatch’s corporate structure to counsel, grow and scale additional social enterprises underwritten by the company especially as it expands its Madery – Makers and Market operations across the Midwest.

With support from COhatch, Eleventh Candle plans to grow its candle making operations by setting up 10 retail outlets in the Midwest over the next three years with its first bricks-and-mortar store in Columbus set to open this Fall.

Eleventh will offer its 11-scent candle collection, room sprays, gifts and apparel at its stores and will host candle-making parties onsite for customers that want to pour their own candles to create their own unique scents from 40 fragrances.

“One candle can make a difference,” said Amber Runyon, CEO and founder Eleventh Candle Co. “Each candle made provides our women with trauma informed counseling and a living wage above minimum wage. Now with support from COhatch, we can accelerate our mission to help more at-risk victims and better educate the public on this rapidly escalating social issue. We are a part of the solution.”

Today Eleventh produces its candle collection at COhatch’s Madery – Makers and Market in Worthington and sells them through its website, wholesalers and onsite at the makers mart.
“We are fulfilling our vision by giving back to the community through our social enterprise incubator program,” said Matt Davis, founder of COhatch. “By investing in Eleventh Candle we bring together the power of community to benefit those who need help the most. With Amber coming on board in a new capacity, we believe we can scale our mission to better support affected individuals as we expand geographically.”

Earlier this year, COhatch announced the opening of the Worthington Madery as the first of this experiential concept. At the time, Davis said, “Our plan is to have other social enterprise incubators in yet to be announced locations. This is our prototype.”

The Madery is open to the public weekdays and hours vary by Madery owner. It is accessible through The Madery doors at 752 High Street in Worthington. Along with Eleventh Candle, Florin Coffee, InsideOutCreatives, PORTTION and Red Bristle are located there.

COhatch currently has two locations in Worthington, Ohio, and three others under construction. The Delaware location “The Newsstand” will open this Fall and the Upper Arlington location “The Overlook” and Polaris “The Pub” will open this Winter. Members can access all COhatch resources and space at any of its locations.

COhatch plans to open more than 12 total locations in Central Ohio within the next five years.

About Eleventh Candle

Eleventh Candle is a social enterprise that offers candles for global sale from a collection of natural scents to help redeem, restore, empower, equip and employ those vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation and addiction and bring awareness to human trafficking, the second largest criminal industry in the world. The collection features 11 signature scents and can be purchased online or at The Madery in Worthington, Ohio with proceeds going to provide trauma informed counseling and employment that’s above minimum wage for at-risk individuals. For more information, visit www.eleventhcandleco.com.

About COhatch

COhatch, a new kind of shared work, social, and family space built on community, offers members the services, activities, and amenities to live a fully integrated life that balances work, family, well-being, community and giving back. Founded in 2016, COhatch was created through the collaboration of a group of friends who wanted to live out their ideal lives and improve their community. COhatch has two locations in Worthington, Ohio and three under development in Delaware, Upper Arlington and at Polaris Fashion Mall with additional sites planned in the Midwest. Visit www.cohatch.com for more information.