Creating Social Impact Across the Globe with Amber Runyon

July 27, 2018

Today’s guest is making monumental social change. Amber Runyon is a hospice nurse turned social entrepreneur. And she started Eleventh Candle Co. out of the desire to bring hope to women both in the United States and in Ethiopia who’ve been vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation, and addiction. They focus on providing a therapeutic work setting that allows all women a fair chance and opportunity to grow.

In today’s episode, you will hear about how Amber is running a social enterprise company from Columbus, Ohio and helping women from Ethiopia back to Columbus, how you can create a daily regimen that works for your personality and goals, and how to light a flame under your business by reaching out to CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies and learning from these CEOs.

Original article by Evan Holladay. Continue reading at Evan Holladay.