Creating Light for Those in Darkness

April 25, 2018

“People need three things to thrive: safe place, safe people, and safe purpose. We always forget that purpose piece”

On a humanitarian trip to Ethiopia, Amber Runyon saw a big need–women and their families who were in the eleventh hour of suffering due to the effects of human trafficking. Imagine her shock when upon returning home, she discovered that her own city–Columbus, Ohio–was the fourth biggest city in the U.S. with human trafficking. What she first thought was a foreign problem was in her backyard–women who were sacrificing themselves to feed their children, with devastating outcomes.

Amber wasn’t going to have that.

So this nurse became a founder of an incredible company, one that benefits victims of human trafficking, and in turn their families and larger communities, most domestic and abroad. Without any experience, but a lot of determination, Amber created a pathway out for those women by providing them with a save PLACE, PEOPLE, and PURPOSE. Amber talks about what her company does and how it helps those who are in darkness come back to the light.

Original article by Monica Packer. Continue reading at About Progress.